Our Multi Track Machines are highly powerful backed by imported Pneumatic Systems and PLC based systems which can be programmed to produce upto 700 Pouches Per Minute or more. They have been used widely in India for various products like shampoos, oils, small liquid sachets, small powder sachets as well. It has a drive based system which operates the servos and motors and mechanicals of the machine with wide flexibility and immense dropping and filling precision.

Some Specs are :

  • Upto 700 Pouches Per Minute Speed
  • Upgradable upto 10 Tracks
  • Liquid / Paste / Oil / Powder / Granules
  • Product Sheet

Technical Specification

Our High Speed Multi Track Machine is a state of the art type machine designed to pack any kind of material that includes mainly liquid and paste but powder and granules as well. Multi Track system means the number of tracks will be multiplied by the speed of machine in general configuration giving a speed of upto 700 pouches per minute. Some Technical Details Are :

  • Upgradable upto 10 tracks
  • Most advanced packaging system for liquids
  • Perfect Pouch Finishing
  • Perfect Pouch Finishing
  • No leakage and long lasting Pouch
  • Best and top notch quality electrical
  • Long Lasting Mechanical
  • Supports Multiple sizes of Pouch


  • 100%
  • 4 Side ( F/S )
  • 70 - 700Pouches Per Minute
  • Heat Sealable Lamination
  • Rotary / Pump FillingType
  • RE-MT-700
  • Liquid / Powder / Fine Powder / Granules / Oil / Paste
  • 3 - 20 ML /Grams


  • 1HP
  • 3 Phase
  • 7.5KW


  • 1500mm
  • 1100kg
  • M.S., Casting, S.S.