High Speed FFS ( Form Fill & Seal ) type FFS is our flagship machine of course for some reasons and is basically based on gears, motors, servos, drives. It is mostly mechanical with little to no pneumatic system attached. It is the fastest available FFS machine available in India for 3 side sealing pouch with a top speed of upto 500 pouches per minute.

Basic Specs :

  • 150 – 500 pouches per minute
  • 0.3 – 10 grams capacity
  • 3 side sealing
  • Granules
  • Product Sheet

Technical Specification

Our High Speed 3 side FFS based machines are designed for 3 Side Sealing pouches for the product which is low on grammage ( upto 10 grams ) but much higher on demand in market, you know what we are talking about. There are a few key pointers kept in mind while designing this machine. The parts used are all top notch and come with no compromises at all. The electrical of this machine is future ready and well equipped to last months and years with little to no service costs. It is made to be compliant with following features :

  • HIGH SPEED upto 500 Pouches per minute.
    • Perfect Pouch Finishing
    • Perfect Pouch Finishing
    • No leakage and long lasting Pouch
    • Best and top notch quality electrical
    • Long Lasting Mechanical
    • Supports Multiple sizes of Pouch
    • Multiple Grammage options



  • 100%
  • 3 Side ( T/S )
  • 150-500Pouches Per Minute
  • Heat Sealable Lamination
  • Volumetric Cup FillerType
  • RE-FFS-TS-100
  • Granules
  • 0.3-10Grams


  • VFD with 1HP
  • 230 V ( Single Phase )
  • 2KW


  • 850mm
  • 350kg
  • M.S., Casting, S.S.